What we do

LeatherHunte is particularly known for its range and quality of travel bags, office bags, handbags and backpacks. We make products to customers specifications and to fit into their product lines. While designs are often provided by the customers, it is a matter of pride for us that many of the best selling models in our customers product lines have been completely designed in-house by us for them

From the leathers and other inputs we use, to the products we make, we hope you will appreciate our ongoing commitment to our unique tradition.

In these pages we hope to give you an idea about us, our capabilities and our product range. We have shown only a part of our range but hope it gives a fair idea of the possibilities and potential.

Whether you are an experienced and well established professional in the industry, a new entrant, or just interested in the fascinating world of leather goods, we welcome you to look around and honor us with your comments and views.

For the professional buyers in the industry, we present ourselves as a complete source:

  • Starting from your new leather/product development and sample order programme to trial and full production runs, we will make a special range of leather goods to meet your specifications.
  • We will undertake short and small production runs too for you, to meet your special requirements, exhibition collections, salesmen sampling, etc..
  • We will do your private labeling and branding on each product, as required and authorized by you.

Our Product Range

You will see different product lines here, made from various speciality leathers, each with its own unique properties and beauty. Unique and at the same time with a common thread running through them all : Meticulously crafted with pride and skill, all these bags reflect a devotion to quality and workmanship rarely found in todays mass produced articles. Craftsmanship combining the skills and experience of tradition with the precision of todays technology. Not a blind adherence to the old methods nor mindlessly applying mass production technology to fine leather accessory production.

All these categories are made in a variety of product concepts and leathers .

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Our Leathers

Our leather bags and other accessories are made in a range of specially tanned leathers, in different varieties and finishes. Several of them originated in-house, while many have also been developed specially against customer requests. Some of the more popular among them are :

  • Water Buffalo Calf Vegetable-tanned Aniline Leathers.
  • Cow and Water Buffalo Oil Pull up Leathers.
  • Water Buffalo Shrunken Grain Aniline
  • Cow Waxy Drum Dyed Leathers.
  • Cow Waxy Milled Leathers.
  • Rich Dyed Satin Leathers.
  • Cow Semi-aniline softy leathers.
  • 100% Vegetable-tanned Cow and Water Buffalo Leathers.
  • Crocodile grain printed leathers.

For each kind of leather, we choose the appropriate raw material and origin to get the right tannage, substance and finish. Our tannery is adept at handling various origins like Indian, Indonesian, Saudi, East European, UK Domestic, German, Brazilian, etc.

The emphasis in all our leathers is to maintain the natural look and grain, without excessive coating and overspraying. With use and age, the appeal of these leathers actually improves, as each product develops its own sheen, patina and individual character.

R&D and Inputs

To meet the growing demand in several markets, we are also doing research to combine old tanning traditions with modern technology to produce leathers that meet present day performance requirements with lowered environmental impact :

  • Using better vegetable tanning techniques, the usage of chrome in several of our leathers has been reduced considerably.
  • The use of sulphides has been reduced, though not eliminated.
  • All our leathers are pcp, azo and benzedene free.

In addition to the leathers that we process, we also directly import specialty finished leathers from reputed tanners across the world. Some of them are:

  • 100% Vegetable-tanned shoulders from Italy.
  • Hand padded aniline finish leathers from Italy.
  • Special Water repellant leathers from Germany.
  • Finished Sheepskin Leathers from France.

In keeping with the natural origin of leather, we prefer to use 100 % cotton linings or cotton blends for the interiors of our bags. When specifically required by customers, we also develop and use other natural and man-made lining materials.

We have a select panel of reputed manufacturers in India, China, Hong Kong and Italy from whom we source the metal fittings for our bags. The fittings are specially chosen for their performance, finish and strength. Various colors and finishes are possible, including chrome and nickel-free. We can also offer customized and specially developed fittings.

All our zips are also sourced from Internationally recognized manufacturers. Heavy Duty Metal, CFC Polyester and moulded vislon zips ranging in size from #10 to #03 are used, depending on the application and load-bearing requirements of the bag and application.

We are in constant interaction with various international sources to help us provide almost any kind of metal accessory required for the leather goods industry.


While a lot of the work is mechanized, our products are essentially hand crafted with care and attention to detail. The secret to our quality lies in the experience, judgment and skill of our trained master craftsmen.

The different high quality inputs are carefully crafted together to achieve unique and durable products of a very high quality.

Our Mission To develop and provide our buyers with a reliable range of quality products which they in turn can re-sell with confidence to their customers

To the end-users, we promise quality products that will be their reliable companions for many years. We believe long-lasting products are environmentally better than ones with limited life cycles that repeatedly overload the recycling system. To ensure this quality and durability, we employ several processes and safeguards.

Some of these are:

  • Only high quality polyamide and polyester threads to international standards are used in our products.
  • Joints, overlaps and gusset openings are double stitched and sometimes given even three rows of stitching
  • All load-bearing areas are reinforced internally and riveted if necessary
  • All load-bearing rivets are further reinforced with an internal metal washer
  • All shoulder straps are given an extra reinforcement tape for greater strength.
  • When we have a say, we make our shoulder straps without joints, giving them remarkable strength and reliability
  • Pockets, openings etc. are given a box-stitch or triangle-stitch, to ensure they do not give way under constant use
  • We use High tensile steel plates under handle fittings to give strength and to maintain shape.