Welcome to Leather Hunte
Welcome to Leather Hunte
What Do Our Customer Say?

Improving quality standards and long-term customer satisfaction is our constant endeavour. When customers respond with their appreciation, it is reward by itself and a source of immense satisfaction to us, encouraging us to push the bar up higher.

Excerpts from some of our customers letters :

We have worked with LeatherHunte now for several years already, and we have been really impressed by the care that they take of general quality. All styles have been produced with attentions to details, and workmanship of factory is in very high level. We have never had problems or any complains about deliveries and they have always been very flexible and fast when it has come to orders, service etc. Our Customer in The Netherlands.

We understand that finally the container was loaded onto the master vessel in spite of a lot of difficulties. We place on record our appreciation for the \"impossible task achieved\" by you and your team. Well done. __ Our Customer in The Netherlands.

And we really appreciate your quick, professional efforts in sending the adjusted samples again. Every time, we are amazed by your beautiful products and their perfect finish. Our Customer in Sweden .

We have been running your products in our line for over five years now and we are impressed by the consistency in your quality and service....... A truly remarkable performance. Our Customer in the USA.

We wish to thank you and your team at Leatherhunte for the assistance rendered in helping us move the shipment of bags and accessories within 24 hours of notice being given to you. There has been tremendous effort on the part of the production team ...... and I must put it down on record that had it not been for them, we would never have been able to ship out the goods 1 day in advance of the target date of 30th March.would never have been able to ship out the goods 1 day in advance of the target date of 30th March.an export house in India.

AAA asked me to e-mail you know that she loved the bag samples you sent, the prices are great and she will definitely be ordering them. She would very much like to develop some new product lines with you and significantly increase the amount of business that we are doing.Hopefully, we will be able to get some new things going for the spring season. Our Customer in the USA.

The Identity of the customers have been kept confidential for business reasons,however If you would like to verify the authenticity of these excerpts

Welcome to Leather Hunte