Welcome to Leather Hunte
Welcome to Leather Hunte

While a lot of the work is mechanized, our products are essentially hand crafted with care and attention to detail. The secret to our quality lies in the experience, judgment and skill of our trained master craftsmen.

The different high quality inputs are carefully crafted together to achieve unique and durable products of a very high quality.

Our Mission To develop and provide our buyers with a reliable range of quality products which they in turn can re-sell with confidence to their customers

To the end-users, we promise quality products that will be their reliable companions for many years. We believe long-lasting products are environmentally better than ones with limited life cycles that repeatedly overload the recycling system. To ensure this quality and durability, we employ several processes and safeguards.

Some of these are:
  • Only high quality polyamide and polyester threads to international standards are used in our products.
  • Joints, overlaps and gusset openings are double stitched and sometimes given even three rows of stitching
  • All load-bearing areas are reinforced internally and riveted if necessary
  • All load-bearing rivets are further reinforced with an internal metal washer
  • All shoulder straps are given an extra reinforcement tape for greater strength.
  • When we have a say, we make our shoulder straps without joints, giving them remarkable strength and reliability
  • Pockets, openings etc. are given a box-stitch or triangle-stitch, to ensure they do not give way under constant use
  • We use High tensile steel plates under handle fittings to give strength and to maintain shape.
Welcome to Leather Hunte